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Long Term Survival

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This site is about survival. Not the running around in the forest with a knife, or the bunker with a month of food and ammo type; but rather your entire life (and your kids). Self-Sufficiency is a common thread here. We are not isolationists. Just because we desire the capability to live independently doesn’t mean we wouldn’t prefer to participate in society. We just think that the most important attribute of any free creature is self-sustenance. How can you be truly free if your survival depends on someone else? (Make no mistake, other people sure can make life easier and better!)

While the term "survival" in this site's name does have a somewhat negative feel, there is no reason that the ultimate goal here should not be "long-term prosperity". biggrin That said, it is naive and reckless to not address the potential hazards in our lives.

The purpose of this site is to act as tool for group discussion and a place to collect useful information. The core of this site is the wiki, which every is invited to (respectfully) edit. There are also forums for discussion and various other tools for group collaboration. Have fun!

Here are some topics regarding self-sustenance:

Of course, to live long-term you have to make it to tomorrow. So there are some more traditional survivalism topics here. These topics are generally focused on emergency situations.

But we don’t stop there, we are also interested in even larger issues; namely survival of humankind. This idea centers largely on sustainable societal systems. It's not our purpose to be alarmist or pessimistic, only thoughtful and informative.

To survive in a sustainable fashion, we must know what potential threats we may have to overcome. We cover a lot of issues, some may end up being non-issues, but we think it’s best to consider them, just in case.

Here are some societal threat topics:

Here are some proposed solutions to the problems discussed here:

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